I am Nico Groen, mediator in sustainable innovative solutions.   I build bridges ,  I connect  organisations  to help them make the necessary transition with sustainable innovations. New sustainability is the only answer for MOTHER EARTH and in particular for its residents to survive from the destruction of the environment,  for which we are heading.

Through my consultancy Arsani Consultancy , I build on sustainable innovations.

Quote from Gandi:

“I see, I see what others (yet) not (want to) see”


Making innovations visible for the right people or organisations is difficult. How do you bring good ideas or new products under the attention of the proper parties that can benefit from them?

Nico Groen van Arsani

Ignorance of the complex roads leads to unnecessary loss of time or missed opportunities to succeed. With innovations it is important to find the right partners. These need to be parties that understand the importance of motivation and participating at the right time, in the right place and with the right solution. There is always a risc of someone else taking over your idea; no idea is completely new or it has already been devised by someone else. Who comes on the market first has a significant advantage.

Thanks to my extensive network and years of experience at various multinationals,  I can help companies.  In addition, I see it as my mission to bring the appropriate parties together so they can validate their innovations  and use them for the  service of humanity and the good of all, nature and animals included.  A precondition is that the projects should contribute sustainable innovations and improvement to the world.

Voorwaarde is dat het om duurzame innovaties moet gaan die bijdragen en verbetering geven aan de wereld.

“Arsani Consultancy works on the basis of Trusteeship and uses its knowledge, relationships and activities in order to help validate successful sustainable innovations “

Mahatma Gandhi:

One should live a life of trusteeship.

God has entrusted you with some talents and skills. A trustee is a caretaker who makes the best use of whatever abilities you have been given and do not think they are yours.

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Together with our partners we are working on sustainable matters for people, nature and animals.

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