I am particularly interested in sustainable innovations,  developed by small and medium  companies , that add value to a better Circular world.   Together we can look at the feasibility,  the possibilities and  the steps to be taken to make their inovations a success.  I can use my knowledge and skills to perform various roles in these processes:

Innovation  Bridge Builder

As a bridge builder I can use my large international business network to bring organisations in contact with relevant parties and help them further in their innovation process.  Among my relations you will find a wide variety of companies, governments, knowledge institutes and also potential financiers and financial institutions.

Nico Groen van Arsani

Innovation Advisor

Innovative organizations often need a sparring partner who is not afraid to ask critical questions,  and who can oversee the longer term and consequences of business decisions. It takes a lot of courage to set up a business with new products and  there is no example that can be copied. Sometimes you have to take chances and accept that mistakes will be made. Trial and error is also an educational process that can provide useful input for the further development of a new product.  In that process it is pleasant to have a skilled and experienced consultant who keeps you on track and can help out whenever necessary.

Many business owners tend to want to do much themselves,  but that can be tricky in a world that is in  major transition.  Working together with others is a necessity in the current economy in order to keep up with the trends and developments.

Proactive initiator

To achieve commercial targets,  with the help of the people in my network,  I can also initiate sustainable innovations on a national or an international level.  Earned funds are again based on Trusteeship,  and will donated to charity again.

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