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Arsani Consultancy was founded by Nico Groen. It is an organization that contributes to a better world; a world that is currently threatened in many ways due to bad choices made by people, past and present. If we do nothing, our most vital living environments are going to be lost and that is bad for people, nature and animals.

As a successful manager for multinational companies,  I saw that the old economy is now ineffective and  could no longer be maintained.

Old economy

With the increasingly scarce mineral resources of mother earth, producing for consumption leads to more and more problems that have a negative impact on the entire world’s population.  Only a small group will have benefits and becomes richer.


New economy

A new and different way of thinking will be to use sustainable innovations  to transform the old economy from  “ME and YOU”,  to a sense of “WE, ”. This  should lead to a new economy in order to create a better world for everyone and everything.

International network

With Arsani Consultancy,  I want to use my knowledge and my (inter)national network for the benefit of people and their organizations. I wish to help their sustainable innovations to be brought to the attention of the right parties and to contribute to a better world.

A ‘WE’-economy,  the chance of success  should not be disturbed by opportunists, business orientated mediators, consultants or research agencies who rather go for the money and who don’t share the same vision about the planet.

Of course earning money is necessary but for me it is important to do business from a mutual shared set of values like sustainability and taking care of people that need support in this world.

‘WE’ also means that Arsani Consultancy fills its trusteeship by by donating a substantial part of the earnings to organisations who provide direct help to the poor and needy people in the world, such as Red Cross, Hand in Hand (India), YEP Africa, Médecins Sans Frontières and Unicef.

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