Hand in Hand is an international and non profitable organisation (NPO) with three main targets:

  • to bring aid to victims of natural catastrophes
  • to provide medical treatment and health care to the needy
  • to offer education in areas lacking the necessary infrastructure


Orissa (red) is one of the poorest States of India. Devastating weather catastrophes occured in this State

Hand in Hand was established in 2000 in response to the devastation of a large area in Orissa, a state in the north eastern part of India, caused by a cyclone and by a tsunami. Later the same region was also afflicted by drought and famine as well as by floods.

Due to the high demand of humanitarian aid after the first catastrophes, which killed thousands of people and left millions homeless without any local infrastructures, an independent group of people of different nationalities and beliefs created the organisation Hand in Hand.

We now have branches of our organisation in Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands and, recently, also in France. The head office of the charitable, state independent and non profitable organisation (NGO, NPO) is in Vienna, Austria. Peter van Breukelen is the President

What we do

The non-denominational and politically independent charity organisation Hand in Hand assists the poorest of the poor in the underdeveloped regions of India. Many needy people receive not only medical primary health care free of charge, but also access to educational institutions. Local welfare organisations guarantee through their intervention the continuity of long term projects initiated and financed by Hand in Hand.

How we Work

The Board of Hand in Hand consists of nine members who meet regularly. Apart from the Board members who hold honorary positions, many volunteers together with the generous donations of our supporters, enable us to give many underprivileged people a better life. It is not important how much time or how much money is donated to Hand in Hand – even the smallest drop makes a difference!

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